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Golf Cart Accidents

Golf carts, four-wheelers and recreational vehicles can cause serious and fatal accidents. The consequences of a four-wheeled accident can be devastating since the carts lack common safety features that could protect drivers and passengers.

If you were harmed in any off-road vehicle, you have legal recourse. Find out how the injury attorney at George Bush Law can help you with your golf cart accident claim.

How to determine if you have a golf cart accident claim

Golf carts look safe as someone is puttering around the golf course community but looks can be deceiving. In the last two years, 35,000 people visited the emergency room for golf cart-related injuries. These vehicles have no common safety features, such as seatbelts or airbags. While aftermarket seatbelts can be installed, they’re not enough to prevent serious injuries from rollovers or impact crashes. Compare golf carts to cars, which have crumple zones that are designed to take the impact in a crash. Steering columns in standard cars are likewise designed to absorb force so it isn’t passed on to you. Golf carts lack these features, which means passengers absorb all the impact of a crash. The lack of doors on golf carts means that passengers can fall out because there’s little to hold onto when carts turn. Falls from these vehicles can cause head injuries, physical trauma or death.


There’s no way around it, golf carts can cause serious injury or death. If you are harmed in a related golf cart accident, our personal injury attorney can fight for your rights under the law.


Our lawyers may be able to obtain damages that reflect:

  • Physical trauma
  • Pain and emotional strain
  • Property damage
  • Lost wages
  • Medical bills


As a golf cart accident lawyer, we are aggressive and never back down from a fight. Let George Bush Law try your golf cart accident case to get you the compensation you deserve as a victim. Contact George Bush Law so we can help you with your golf cart injury claim!


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