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Boating Accident Attorney

Many Georgia and South Carolina residents enjoy taking boats of various sizes out on Georgia’s lakes and rivers.

Boating is a pleasurable hobby and when a boat is given the proper respect it is also a safe. However, many innocent people are hurt when that proper respect is not shown. Passengers can suffer serious or fatal injuries due to the mistakes of a boat operator or in the event of a defective part.


The boating accident lawyer at George Bush Law has the experience to help innocent victims of negligence and misconduct. We can help you if you are the victim of a boating accident. If you’re looking for an experienced, proven boating accident lawyer, contact George Bush Law so we can help with your injury claim

Boating accident causes

Boating accidents are complicated cases and require skilled lawyers to find their true causes. A thorough investigation is required if you want to discover the proximate cause of the accident that injured you.At George Bush Law, our attorneys have helped clients hurt in boating accidents caused by:


– Reckless behavior on the part of the boat operator, including pushing the boat to unsafe speeds

– Failure to recognize obstacles or the presence of land

– Intoxicated operation of the boat

– Defective or poorly manufactured parts

– Improperly trained boating personnel


Every case is unique, and we recognize that. That’s why George Bush Law provides all of our clients with the individualized attention they deserve. It’s the only way we can truly help you pursue justice and compensation for your boating accident.

Contact the boating accident lawyers at George Bush Law

No matter the circumstances for your boating accident claim, George Bush Law is prepared to discuss all the details of your case. Whether you were hurt on a professionalized boating operation or on a small boat operated by friends, we can help you decide if legal action is right for you. Contact us at George Bush Law and let us help you with your boating accident claim.

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