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Distracted Driving Accidents

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When a driver allows themselves to become distracted, they aren’t just breaking the law but also placing everyone on the road around them at a great risk. Victims of distracted drivers are routinely left with debilitating injuries, or lose their lives altogether, leaving behind grieving families. Recovering from a distracted driver accident, whether you were injured by a negligent driver or lost a loved one to one, requires the help of an experienced and compassionate attorney.


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Types of distracted driving accidents

There are three types of distracted driving accidents that drivers can deal with while on the road. These three distracted driving accidents are called visual, manual and cognitive. All are incredibly dangerous and can lead to the driver causing a serious accident.

Visual Distractions

When a driver is visually distracted, it means their eyes are not physically on the road. Even looking away for a couple of seconds can cause a serious accident. Common kinds of visual distractions include rubbernecking, looking down at the radio while changing the station and looking at a GPS device.

Manual Distractions

To be manually distracted, a driver must take one or both hands off the steering wheel. This leaves the driver in a position where they could suddenly lose control over their vehicle. A driver can become visually distracted when they eat, adjust the radio or taking off a jacket.

Cognitive Distractions

It isn’t enough to keep both hands on the wheel and both eyes on the road. A driver must also be concentrating on driving safely. If a driver is not concentrating properly, then he is cognitively distracted. Forms of cognitive distraction include having a conversation using a hands-free device, talking with passengers and daydreaming.

Cell phone accidents

Distracted driving causes thousands of collisions in Georgia, South Carolina and throughout the United States each year. Many of these collisions are caused by drivers who are too busy talking or texting on their cell phones to pay proper attention to the road. In fact, using a cell phone can be a visual, manual and cognitive distraction at the same time, making it particularly dangerous.

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