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Criminal Law

George Bush Law Firm is a specialized law practice that focuses on criminal law matters.

Personalized law care dedicated to your criminal law case


Attorney George Bush is ready to consult with you on your criminal law matter and fight for you and the best optimal resolution in your case.


Criminal Defense law with George Bush Law Firm

At George Bush Law Firm, we understand the toll that facing a criminal charge can have on your life. Criminal charges are a frightening experience and a conviction can result in jail time, fines and a criminal record. Whether you or a loved one is facing a misdemeanor or felony criminal charge, we care about you and fighting for your rights. Attorney George Bush won’t let you face the court alone and we work vigorously to achieve the best possible outcome in your criminal law case.



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Contact Attorney George Bush if you’re searching for a criminal defense lawyer who is dedicated, experienced and relentless. At George Bush Law Firm we will evaluate your criminal law case and discuss your legal options that results in the best possible outcome. We will take action to defend you and fight for your rights and freedom.

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