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The commercial trucking industry transports and delivers goods throughout the United States. Because the number of loads a trucking company delivers determines its profit, many companies impose deadlines on their drivers to increase the number of loads. Unfortunately, many of these deadlines force drivers to drive at dangerous speeds, drive over their daily maximum hours, drive while tired and fatigued or drive while under the influence of medications or other drugs. As a result of the pressure and unreasonable demands trucking companies place on their drivers, hundreds of collisions caused by commercial trucking companies occur every day resulting in serious injuries and often death.

We are willing to handle cases against trucking companies with issues including driver fatigue, drivers exceeding their federal hours restrictions, drivers under the influence of drugs, tractors that have been improperly maintained, improperly loaded and overloaded trailers, speed violations and failure to use proper lights. If you have been injured in a trucking accident, it’s important that you contact an experienced trucking attorney right away to ensure that critical evidence such as drivers’ logs, on-board trucking computer data, and dispatch records are preserved.

Please contact us for claims of injuries from Trucking Accidents.