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When we pick up a prescription from our pharmacist, we take it for granted the prescription has been filled correctly and the bottle properly labeled. Unfortunately, in the U.S., thousands of people are seriously injured or killed every year due to misfilled prescriptions and other pharmaceutical errors. One study reports that each year, 5% of prescriptions filled are filled incorrectly due to pharmaceutical or physician errors. The results are that customers may receive the wrong medications, incorrect dosages or improper and incorrect instructions on the prescription labels. These errors may occur because pharmacists and pharmaceutical technicians are overworked; the pharmacy is understaffed; pharmacy employees are not properly trained or supervised; or illegible handwriting on a prescription is not properly verified.

George Bush Law has the experience and resources needed to handle pharmaceutical error injury and wrongful death cases that require extensive investigation, expert witnesses and knowledge of the pharmacy industry. If someone you love has been injured, become ill or died as a result of pharmaceutical error, please contact us now.