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  George Bush represents persons accused of criminal violations of the law for  felonies such as armed robbery, aggravated assault, murder, and sexual offenses and  midemeanors including driving under the influence.  We also defend persons who have been accused of posession and distribution of illegal and controlled subtances.  We are aware of pre-trial diversion programs and first time offender provisions to help resolve cases for persons who do not have significant reocords and may have strong evidence against them. .

  We are also able to defend and have successfully won cases based upon illegal search and seizure by law enforcement, We are also equipped to defend these same cases in front of juries.

  We also work with persons suffering for substance dependency and have successfully represnted persons with serious and lenghty criminal histories who are willing to seek help thourgh rehabilitation and recovery programs. 

  Contact George Bush Law for a free consultation regarding a criminal matter.